McFarlane Law utilizes the most cost effective, technology-driven litigation means available. McFarlane Law utilizes maximize electronic communication, video teleconferencing, telephonic discovery and court appearance methods to effectively reduce litigation and travel costs. McFarlane Law does not charge clients for travel within the state of Florida. McFarlane Law employs the extensive use of paralegals to perform litigation and support services that other firms routine bill at attorney rates. These cost effective litigation strategies enable McFarlane Law to offer hourly billing rates that are substantially less than competitive law firms.

McFarlane Law bills our clients monthly to enable our clients to closely monitor our legal fees and litigation expenses. McFarlane Law employs accurate and cost effective litigation budgets. Legal services are performed only when authorized, after our litigation budgets are approved. We employ a collaborate budgeting process which relies on significant claim staff involvement and approval. Our rates include:

  • Hourly
  • Flat Fees
  • Project Fees
  • Claim Volume Discounts
  • Monthly Fixed Fees
  • Annual Fixed Fees
  • Fees Based on Claim Complexity


McFarlane Law strives to match our area of expertise and experience with the type and complexity of each claim. McFarlane Law is strategically and geographically placed through the State of Florida in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa & Jacksonville to serve the needs of our insurance clients. McFarlane Law does not charge for:

  • Travel within the state of Florida
  • Telephone Conferences with Adjusters
  • Scheduling
  • Calendaring
  • Continuing Education & Seminars
  • Facsimiles
  • Case Law Updates
  • Legislative Updates


McFarlane Law maintains a state-of-the-art computer billing program to ensure compliance with all billing guidelines of carriers with electronic billing programs such as: Legal Solutions Suites, CounselLink, The Allegient System & Bottomline Legal Exchange, as well as a carrier's specific billing guidelines.